Marketing Roadmap: The Product Marketing Manager Guide to Success

Having taken all the above steps will prepare you and make you ready for taking up any digital marketing job. Begin at any level to become a Digital Marketing Manager in a few years. Along the way, you will gain experience as well as advanced skills and capabilities to wear the hat of a Manager.

Marketing manager roadmap

A marketing project roadmap consists of all the steps required to achieve this goal. It may include the creation of a resource center and/or the development of product use cases, Marketing manager job webinars, blog posts, etc. Marketing roadmaps alert team members about their functions and ensure each group works in sync to deliver the product marketing goals on schedule.

Product Marketing vs. Product Management

“The goal is to set out some tactics for quick wins in the early days in your role as director,” Karolina told us. Execute marketing strategy that’s powered by data and customer insight. The field of product marketing is expected to grow over the next several years. The market for product marketers and analysts is predicted to grow 8 percent by 2028. In both analyzing the product and assessing the marketplace, the PMM will identify product features to emphasize via advertising.

Marketing manager roadmap

The idea is to break the work into manageable, time-based programs — bringing more organization to the team. Marketing roadmaps can visualize any amount of time from the next few months to the next year ahead. Some teams might create a roadmap at the beginning of each fiscal year, while others may build it out incrementally throughout the year.

What Skills Does a Manager, Marketing Need?

One of the best growth articles I’ve read is “7 Principles to Mastering Growth Marketing” by Brian Balfour — A must-read for any aspiring marketer. Running these tests are helpful to have a clearer sense of what the company is currently doing to drive growth, and what can be improved in the short term. Understanding what the competition is currently doing and what their current growth channels are could be a good indicator on where to find new growth opportunities.

  • Marketing has been and will always strive to be an integral part of a product’s or business’s success story.
  • You’ll take a deep dive into the essential channels and tactics behind effective campaigns.
  • Your product team has limited time and resources, and you can’t accomplish every initiative on your product development wish list.
  • Depending on how your company is structured, you might organize these plans around specific programs, campaigns, or projects.
  • Depending on the overall value proposition they’re offering, the positioning, existing market, and economic variables, the PMM opts for a suitable pricing strategy.

Lastly, your marketing roadmap should convey the status of your goals, initiatives, and activities to indicate the progress you have made since your starting point. Your marketing roadmap should have specific dates that show when campaign activities will be completed. Depending on the duration of your campaign, it can display days, weeks, months, or quarters. In this article, you will find out what exactly is a marketing roadmap and how to use it to keep your focus and stay organized. You’ll also be introduced to differentmarketing roadmap templatesand examples that you can easily customize using Venngage’sRoadmap Maker. Ever wondered why product lifecycle marketing is that important for SaaS?

How to Organize a Marketing Roadmap in 5 Simple Steps

At the end of the week, students receive extensive feedback from expert instructors. Explorer career path and salary as your reference for your future career. Step Roadmap is a company that operates in the Marketing and Advertising industry. The location, department, and job description all have an impact on the typical compensation for Step Roadmap positions. The pay range and total remuneration for the job title are shown in the table below. Step Roadmap may pay a varying wage for a given position based on experience, talents, and education.

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In addition to the above, investing in different product marketing, product management, and sales certification courses will go a long way in building a solid career and stay up-to-date with the current trends. In addition to all of the above, a product marketing manager is also expected to maintain strong communication with all of the key stakeholders. Based on the initial research, the product marketing manager first specifies the exact value proposition of the new product. This could be a feature, a benefit, or any other intrinsic value that makes the product attractive in the eyes of the target audience. Primarily, a product marketing manager is responsible for leading the entire marketing team and/or acting as a one-person in-house army and handling all the initiatives by themselves. However, a PMM has to conduct market research and build the marketing engine of a new product from the ground up, whereas marketing managers typically manage the lifecycle of existing products.

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And, much like the top-level strategy roadmap we discussed earlier, you’ll also want to create roadmaps with this for specific marketing campaigns and projects. Marketing roadmaps are typically presented internally to marketing and cross-functional teams such as product, sales, and design to keep everyone on track towards the goals. But you can also tailor different roadmap views for external stakeholders like advisory boards to show a high-level view of the strategy and the plans for driving the business growth. The role of a marketing manager requires a diverse skill set that includes business management skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving. All managers must possess leadership and communication skills, as they are charged with motivating employees.

Besides, it helps to avoid distrustful questions from the top management and a lot of clarifying questions from the team. Think of the strategy part of the roadmap as the destination that outlines the target markets, the solutions and the revenue potential relative to the size of your salesforce. The turn-by-turn directions are the execution tactics required to generate demand, build the pipelines, qualify prospects and close deals. Second, it’s too overwhelming for sales, especially if you have a lot of products. Make it as simple as possible for your sales team to tell a strong value story for a few solutions.

That work is contained in your program plans — a term that is quite familiar to marketing. Depending on how your company is structured, you might organize these plans around specific programs, campaigns, or projects. Some teams organize plans by customer segment or how they work internally, breaking items out by vertical or function. Every successful organization relies on top-flight marketing expertise.

Marketing manager roadmap